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You can install the plugin of beesu for gEdit, using YUM. What you have to do, is to open a new terminal and type:

$ su -
# yum install gedit-beesu-plugin

It's possible to install this plugin everywhere, in all GNU/Linux distributions, downloading the source code of this plugin and following the installation manual!! From the source code it's possible to configure the gedit-beesu-plugin to use gksu or gksudo as GUIs for su, whereas in some environments beesu could be not available!

  • Configuration and screenshots

When you've got gedit-beesu-plugin installed, you've to activate it for your user:

Dialog window at: Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins -> [X] Open as root

You'll have a new menu item in the Tools menu:


BEESU is released under the terms of the GPLv2+ license.